He was the first person in history to finish a marathon with a disability that affects 76% of his body

Most of us would think finishing a race is a big deal. But for Alex Roca, it was much more than that. It was a chance to show himself and the world that anything is possible. His life is a story of courage, persistence, and the strength of the human spirit. Even though he had to deal with many problems, he never lost sight of his goals or gave up on his dreams.

He was diagnosed at the age of 6 months.

© Alex Roca Campillo / Twitter

Alex Roca Campillo of Barcelona, Spain, was only six months old when he was identified with herpetic viral encephalitis, a terrible disease that caused cerebral palsy and a disability that affects 76% of his left side. Even though doctors gave him a bad prognosis, Alex defied the odds and beat everyone’s expectations through persistence and drive.

He has trouble moving around and uses sign language to talk.
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Alex Roca Campillo has been through a lot because of his situation, but he hasn’t let anything stop him. Alex has become a source of motivation and inspiration for others because he can’t move as much on his left side and has to use sign language to talk. He is a big sports fan who has learned to drive, work, run marathons, speak at conferences, and take on any other task that comes his way.

His wife is his interpreter.
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One of the most touching parts of Alex Roca’s story is how much his wife, Mari Carme Maza, helps him. She not only goes to events with him, but she also translates for him. Alex mostly uses sign language to talk, so when he wants to talk to someone who doesn’t speak his language, he often runs into problems. But with Mari Carme by his side, he can fully participate in events, talks, and tell his story to the world.

© Alex Roca Campillo / Twitter

It shows their relationship’s strength and how love can help people get through even the hardest things. Together, they show that if we have the help of the people we adore, we can do anything.

He never ceases to challenge himself.

Alex Roca Campillo’s life has been about working hard and staying determined to overcome problems. He sees sports not just as a hobby, but also as a way to improve himself and grow as a person.

“I love to try new things and take on tasks. I love running, cycling, and now padel. “I want to show with my example that everyone sets their limits,” he said. Alex wants to show others how to go further than they think they can.

On March 19, he ran 42.195 km in 5 hours, 50 minutes, and 51 seconds, which is a fantastic time for anyone, but especially for someone with less mobility on one side of their body.

Sports is a lifestyle, and he doesn’t like the term “disability.”
© Alex Roca Campillo / Twitter

Alex Roca Campillo has written on his website about what he thinks about sports and handicaps. He says, “Sport is very important to me daily because I see it as a way to improve myself.”

Alex loves sports, but he also loves giving talks and bringing attention to disability. “I don’t like that word at all,” he says. “I like to see that we’re people with different skills who want to be treated the same as everyone else.”

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