“Dressing up like a teenager” has been said about a 58-year-old woman with tattoos, and now she tells us her story

Lonni Pike is 58, but her Instagram handle says life doesn’t end at 50. She makes movies for her social media accounts that tell women to love their style no matter what others think. We wanted to write a piece about Lonni because she was determined to stay true to herself no matter how old she got or what other people said. We also talked to Lonni to learn more about the tattoos and why she decided to change her life.

“I’m not afraid to show the world who I am.”

We might think that age limits us somehow, but Lonni Pike proves this is just a big OLD myth. Lonni is a social media influencer from California who has gone popular on TikTok after challenging the stereotypes about women in their fifties. She has over 115K followers on Instagram, a famous blog, and over 1M followers on TikTok, where she posts very popular clips.

Lonni said that her life is like an after-school show when asked how she would describe it. “I’m the underdog everyone, including myself, wrote off, but I proved them wrong.”

Eventually, she chose to start over with her life, and she was surprised by how great things could be. She says, “This second chance at life gives me the drive to do what I want, and it makes me want to help other people find their reset button.” So, to make a long story short, my life is great.

We asked Lonni how she helps others see how beautiful and unique they are, and she gave us a simple tip. She told us that everyone is different and that we shouldn’t look like anyone but ourselves. We are always told that we need to be this perfect version of ourselves that no one can reach.

“My message is that we should stop trying to be someone else and instead be just like the person we see in the picture. Why would you want to look like everyone else? Be bright, be brave, and be yourself, because there is only one you!” says Lonni.

As we’ve already said, getting older means getting wiser and more experienced. Lonni said that if she could talk to her 20-year-old self, she would tell her that everything in her life, good or bad, is worth it. “Everything you learn in life will make sense when you’re older, and those lessons will turn into wisdom that will make you strong,” she says.

“I want to encourage people to be who they are. I’d love to show people they can be themselves and not worry about what other people will think. “The freedom to show the world who you are on the inside,” Lonni says. “I don’t judge people based on how they live, and I’d love to help get the word out that everyone is welcome.”

Lonni says that her tattoos tell stories about her life. When she turned 30, she got her first one. She was in a bad marriage, and she and her husband were apart for a while. She felt trapped and helpless, so she chose to wrap the barbed wire around her ankle. “This was the start of my journey to be myself and let the real me out.”

It’s important to know that my tattoos don’t define me more than anything else. Lonni says, “My grey hair or green eyes are just parts of the whole picture.”

She wants to show people they can be themselves without worrying about what others will think: “I would love to show people that you can be yourself without worrying about what other people might think.” The freedom to let the world see who you are,” Lonni says.

“What do you know? We’re moms, and we’re grandmas, we’re students. We are women. “We are who we are, and all we’re doing is putting a date on ourselves to remind us of who we are,” she said.

Has anyone ever told you what you should or shouldn’t do based on age? How did you find a way to answer? Tell us your story in the comments part. We want to hear from you!

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