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Because their heads are too heavy, baby owls sleep on their backs.

Did you know that even baby owls can sometimes be cuter than we expect? Have you ever seen how they sleep, or have you just thought about it? Adults often sleep sitting up, but kids can’t because their heads are too big. But they will keep sleeping until they are very old. Because of this, most owl chicks fall asleep with their heads turned to one side.

The place where they usually sleep is on a branch. The little owls don’t fall over in this position because of their hallux. The little owls’ feet don’t move until they fold their tiny legs together. Mark Rees, who was a reporter, was very interested in how owls slept. So, he posted a picture of an owl sleeping in a way that looked like a person. The picture of it lying on its stomach spread quickly on Twitter. You can see more pictures of the cute baby owls sleeping like babies in people.

All babies have heads that are too big for their bodies, but owlets have to sleep on their faces because they are so big. The picture was first posted online as a joke. It has a “go home, owl, you’re drunk” feel to it. At first, the source’s reliability was questioned, but since then, more pictures of baby owlets sleeping have shown that it’s true, which makes it even more amazing. IFL Science says that adult owls sleep standing up because they are fully grown, but young owls can’t hold the weight of their heads and have to lie down. One Twitter user shared some pictures to back up the idea.

It was confirmed by someone else on Twitter, who wrote, “I’ve been trying to find the original photographer of this picture, but I haven’t been able to.” It is a bird that has been caught. In any case, when young owlets are in their nests, they sleep or relax when lying down. The weight of their heads is too much for their bodies to handle. Here are some saw-whets that I used in my doctoral research. If you liked this post, please share it on Facebook with your family and friends.

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