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Because Jennifer Aniston has trouble getting pregnant, Adam Sandler sends her flowers every Mother’s Day.

Adam Sandler seems like a pretty cool guy, and this just proves it. Jennifer Aniston told The Wall Street Journal that the famous actor gives her flowers every year on Mother’s Day.

Even though Friends star Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have children, she has been open about her efforts to get pregnant. In an interview with Allure last December, she talked about how painful it was to get pregnant.

She said she tried everything in her 30s and 40s to start a family. “After all the guessing for so many years… It was a lot of work. I had IVF, drank Chinese teas, and just about everything else,” she told the outlet. “I threw everything I had at it. If someone had told me, “Freeze your eggs,” I would have done anything. Help yourself out. You won’t believe it. So, I’m here today. The ship has left the dock.
“I don’t regret anything. I feel a little better now that no one asks me, “Can I? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. I no longer have to worry about that.”

Even though it was a really hard time in her life, she has a special way of looking at it. “I would’ve never become who I was meant to be,” she told Allure. “That’s why I’m so thankful for all of those terrible things. If not, I would have been stuck being this scared, nervous person who didn’t know who they were.”

Even though Jen doesn’t have kids, Adam Sandler and his wife want her to know how much they respect her on Mother’s Day. Adam and Jen have been friends for a long time. They have even worked together in films like “Murder Mystery” and “Just Go With It.” So, it’s unsurprising that he supports her, but this level of love and care is legendary. In 2016, Aniston talked about all the rumors about her not having children. There have been a lot of stories in the news about why Jen might not have gotten pregnant in her different relationships, and she wanted to clear the air.

“This is how I feel about the subject: we are whole whether we have a partner or not and whether we have children or not. “When it comes to our bodies, we get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful,” she wrote in an article for Huffington Post. “We are the only ones who can make that choice.”

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