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A young mother was blessed with quadruplets just a few weeks after she took in four foster children.

Many couples think that having a child is the best and most-anticipated gift they could get. Maxine and Jake Young had always wanted a big family, but when they found it hard to get pregnant, their dream became a nightmare. They had no idea that their lives were about to change in a big way in just a few weeks.

Maxine and Jake Young got married in May 2016 in Pennsylvania. They were eager to start a family right away. Maxine wanted her own kids, but she also thought about adopting kids so they could have a family and a place to live.

ArLette Young, Jacob’s mother, wrote on the GoFundMe page she set up to try to raise money for her son’s family, “Jacob was totally on board and liked the idea of having a house full of love and joy, and maybe a little bit of chaos, too!”


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Maxine and Jake Young trained to be foster parents in February 2017, just a few months after they married. They got the training they needed, and in June 2017 they were given the green light to start placements.

There had to be a family for the four kids.

A month later, three siblings ages of 4, 2, and 11 months were looking for a home called the family. They went to the hospital a few weeks later to get their new baby sister.


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It was not easy. Every kid is different and has different needs. On GoFundMe, Jacob’s mother said that the new parents had to deal with a diagnosis of autism, a lot of stress, and other problems.

Maxime and Jacob did not give up on their plan to have children simultaneously, even though it was not easy. Due to Maxine’s many miscarriages and attempts to get pregnant, she had to have IVF and an IUI.

The birth of their son Henry in October 2018 was a prize for all the hard times they had been through.

The family was then whole—or was not it?

A few weeks after the adoption was final, Maxine noticed something different about her body. She was going to have another child!

We had to use IVF or IUI to get pregnant with our child, so I never thought I could get pregnant on my own. Maxine told Daily Mail, “I remember sending an email to my husband that said, ‘Oh my God.

The couple was very happy and surprised but did not know that the best surprise was yet to come.

“As soon as the scan started, I saw that the doctor was shocked. When you looked at the screen, it was very clear that there were three almost identical pregnancy sacs, yolk sacs, and even fetal poles. She then turned to face me and said, “Well, it looks like three babies are growing in there.” At first, I laughed all over the place, but then I lost all sense of fun. I asked her if everything looked normal and if the babies were the right size at 6 weeks, and she said they were. “I was supposed to have another scan the following week,” Maxine writes on Instagram.

They found out that they were having four babies.

On July 31, 32 weeks into her pregnancy, Maxine gave birth to four healthy children. Each one weighed between three and four pounds. Beck Killian, Cecilia Hudson, Theo Alexander, and Silas Ledger were all discussed.


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Meeting the babies was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Maxine writes on Facebook that the pain and fear of the past few months were gone in an instant, and at that moment, everything we had been through was worth it.

Maxine says with happiness, “Thank goodness, they are all doing pretty well, and we are very lucky.”

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