You are currently viewing A nice woman paid for their meal after seeing a young mother and daughter eat pancakes together.

A nice woman paid for their meal after seeing a young mother and daughter eat pancakes together.

A nice woman saw a young mother and her daughter eating pancakes together at a restaurant. She bought them food and wrote them a thank-you note on the ticket.

At an IHOP, Suzanne Maughan was having breakfast with her daughter Hayley when an older woman sat down next to them.

In an online post, Suzanne told Love What Matters, “My precious girl and I went to breakfast this morning. After sitting down, a woman was sitting at the table right next to us.”

There were lots of smiles between Suzanne and her daughter as they ate. The older woman seemed to enjoy seeing them.

“She was by herself and smiled and looked over at us repeatedly.” The woman leaned over and told Hayley, “You must have the best mom in the whole world,” as I started to cut up her pancakes. “Never forget how wonderful she is.””

She found out that the woman’s name was Mary and that she had a daughter who was 49 years old.

“Then she told me she had a daughter who lived all the way in Baltimore and was 49 years old.” We told her our names and she said her name is Mary. During the meal, we had a few short talks, but she mostly just smiled at my daughter and me and watched how I interacted with her.

Mary left before they were done, and Suzanne found that Mary had already paid for her food when she went to pay.

We went to pay for our food, but Mary had already left. But when we got there, she had already paid for it and left us a sweet note on the ticket that said, “Thank you for sharing your mother-daughter day with me.” Mary.'”

“Mary doesn’t know that I have two kids by myself.” She has no idea how hard this week has been for me. She has no idea how worried and scared I am or how much I pray to not feel so alone. God knows, though. Mary heard that call and today she was able to be our angel and show us how much we are loved. Thanks, Mary. Your kindness has made such a difference in my life.

Too often, we forget how many chances there are every day to do kind things that mean something. If you see someone who needs a smile, think about showing them some love, like Mary did for Suzanne and little Hayley.

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