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A family with only one child adopts triplets, and the boy takes them to the sea every day to wait for their parents.

Matthew would take his brothers to the beach near their house every day while they waited for their parents, until one day they decided they didn’t want to go.

Matthew’s parents, Sarah and Connor, chose to adopt triplets when he was only eight years old. Their parents gave up on them when they realised they couldn’t take care of three kids at the same age.

Sarah worked at the home where the three kids were left. She cared about them and didn’t want them to be split up if someone else took them in.

She told Connor that she wanted to adopt the three children, and he agreed. They loved them as much as they loved Matthew, and that’s how they raised them.

When the triplets were six years old, they slowly started to understand what it meant for them to be adopted. They realised that Sarah and Connor were not their real parents, so they began to move away from them.

Matthew was the only person the triplets got close to. Matthew did his best to show his brothers that their parents loved them, but they were sure that their real parents would come back for them one day.

The triplets got this idea when they found an old letter among the things they brought home from the shelter one day. The letter told them that their parents had left on a ship, but that they would come back someday. Their parents asked the school to take care of their children so that they could one day go back to them and live a happy life.

Since they found that letter, the triplets have talked to Sarah and Connor about the fact that they were adopted. They said that it would be easier for their parents to find them if they were in the home.

But Matthew came up with a plan. Their house was right by the water, so he tried to get his brothers and sisters to wait for their parents by the water. “Let’s wait by the shore every day. “That way, they’ll notice you right away!” he said.

Since then, the triplets and Matthew walked along the beach every day for five years, hoping that their parents would come back. Matthew wanted to believe this, too, even though his parents cried every time they saw them walk to the beach.

Sarah and Connor couldn’t tell the triplets the truth about their original parents yet because they were too young to understand what really happened.

When Matthew was 13, his parents sat him down and had a talk with him. They told him the whole truth about his brothers’ biological parents. They said that the parents couldn’t give up the carefree life they had, so they put the triplets in an orphanage instead of raising them.

The letter was their last attempt to make it look like they had not just left their kids forever. Matthew said, “I don’t think you should keep this painful truth from them.” He knew how painful the truth was.

“It would be better to wait until they are a bit bigger. “They are only 11, so they wouldn’t be able to fully understand what’s going on,” Sarah said.

“They think you don’t really love them and took them in because you felt sorry for them,” Matthew said. Connor gave a head shake.

“No, Matthew, of course not. Just like we love you, we love them. He responded, “You are all our children, and we will always wish you the best in life.”

Next day, when Matthew went into his brothers’ room, he thought it was time for them to go to the beach like they did every day. “Hey, why don’t you have clothes on yet? We should go to the beach!”

The head of one of the twins was shaken. “We don’t want to keep waiting for them anymore.”

When Sarah walked into the room at that time, she heard what the boy was saying. When the kids saw their mum, they chose to tell the truth.

“We heard what you were saying to each other yesterday,” one of them said. “If we go out to wait for them and see them, all we’ll say is that we don’t want to go back to them anymore. We have parents here who love us, and if they chose to leave us, that’s something they’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives.”

When Sarah heard this, she cried. She had been waiting for the day when the triplets would finally accept her as their mother, and that day had finally come.

“We love you three and Matthew more than anything in the world! I’m sorry that your dad and I thought it was too soon for you to know the truth, but you’re all smart kids, and some of you handled it better than others,” she said.

Connor also came in and sat in the middle of his children. “From now on, this family won’t keep any secrets, okay? We’ll start over and have fun together,” he said as he hugged each of them.

“I also promise that I’ll always look out for you guys. You are my brothers, and no matter what, I will always be there for you. “I love you with everything in me!” Matthew added something.

At that, the triplets jumped out of bed and gave their parents and brothers the biggest group hug. One of them whispered, “Thank you so much for everything, and we’re sorry we pushed you away for so many years.”

Since then, the whole family has been happy. Even though they didn’t have a lot of money, they enjoyed the easy luxuries they could afford, like taking road trips, eating at good restaurants as a family, and having special nights at home.

What does this story teach us?

Family doesn’t always mean someone you’re related to by blood. Sarah and Connor loved their kids very much and treated them all the same, no matter if they were biological or adopted. They made sure they grew up in a safe and loving home, and they put spending time together above everything else.

It’s always possible to start over. Even though the kids pushed Sarah and Connor away because they thought they felt sorry for them instead of loved them, they ended up getting back together in a better way.

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